Extensive, Reliable Content Delivery Via Satellite

Satellite connectivity is an essential tool for modern media stakeholders to reach the widest possible audience, and Eutelsat is the key to tapping into its potential.

With satellites that provide access to over 274 million homes across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas, Eutelsat enables you to get your message and content to your audience, whenever you need to, wherever they are.

Eutelsat’s global network helps you optimize business opportunities worldwide, offering full regional coverage for timely and cost-effective service to remote locations, completing your multichannel delivery approach.

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Access remote audiences and expand your reach beyond traditional connectivity and distribution.


Delivering the same high-quality signal to viewers no matter where they are located within the satellite’s coverage area.


Our coverage provides sustainable, reliable delivery with built-in protection against disruptions.


Eutelsat’s team of technical engineers ensure your service is up 24/7.

Digital Platforms

Our digital satellite platforms enable cost-effective satellite networks and turnkey DTH services, providing immediate reach to extensive audiences without expensive multiplexing facilities. Our digital platforms provide a turnkey solution for broadcasters to quickly deliver to large, established audiences.

Learn more about our digital platforms here.

Video Neighborhoods

Reach audiences with quality and without limitation through our 20 premium video neighborhoods.

Eutelsat offers maximum coverage, with powerful broadcast satellites over the European, MENA, African and Asian Pacific and the Americas regions that give you access to over 274 million homes.

HD & Ultra HD

High-Definition (HD) content is quickly becoming the standard worldwide, and Ultra HD is quickly becoming a reality for millions. Eutelsat’s media solutions support broadcasters in meeting the demand for high quality content. Our satellites are an essential platform for HD and Ultra HD content, enabling consistent delivery with quality signal and bandwidth availability wherever viewers are located.

Eutelsat provides end-to-end broadcasting solutions, including encoding, encrypting, multiplexing and uplinking, via our teleports in France and Italy or our worldwide network of partner teleports.

Learn more about HD & Ultra HD services from Eutelsat Group.

Ground Services

Our dedicated ground services provide the robust support infrastructure needed to ensure the highest standards of quality for our broadcasters and their viewers. We provide hosting, premium SLA services, as well as resilience and recovery solutions. With Eutelsat ensuring your high-quality video distribution, you have the peace of mind to focus on your content.

Learn more about Eutelsat’s Ground Services.

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