Headquartered in Washington, DC, Eutelsat America Corp. is an independent U.S. subsidiary of Paris-based Eutelsat Group (Eutelsat).

Since 2003, Eutelsat America Corp. (EAC) has been a leading provider of critical satellite-based communications solutions to the U.S. Government, System Integrators and Broadcast customers; we have a long-standing record of technical achievement, operational excellence, and service commitment.

EAC provides Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM) and Broadcast Services through its unique access to Eutelsat’s worldwide fleet of geostationary satellites which provide coverage that spans the globe, including all continents and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean regions.

In addition to Eutelsat’s strategically placed high-performance satellites, Eutelsat owns and operates three teleports located in Rambouillet (near Paris, France), Turin, and Cagliari (the latter two located in Italy) and has partner teleport networks at its disposal, allowing us to deliver comprehensive global solutions.


The assets from Eutelsat, its own knowledgeable personnel, and high level of customer service, give Eutelsat America Corp. a winning advantage in delivering commercial satellite communications solutions to the U.S. Government, System Integrators and Broadcast customers.

Geosynchronous Space Segment that covers and interconnects Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia (SEA and SWA), and the U.S.

Reliable, cost-effective reach and coverage that focuses on delivering near-global interconnections.

The ability to handle Defense and Security surge requirements.

A variety of multiple wide beam and spot beam options.

Full spectrum coverage of C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies.

A deployable multi-tier technical support team able to solve client needs.

Managed service to deliver broadband data services directly or through partners.

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