Satellites are a unique source of bandwidth in today’s digital environment, offering universal coverage of all territories, delivering content direct to users and to terrestrial networks, and enabling complete communications networks to be rapidly set up in the most remote areas. 

With a Global fleet of satellites located in geostationary orbit from 117° West to 172° East, Eutelsat is a world-leading satellite operator in a footprint covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Our high-performance satellites located at premium orbital positions and extensive ground infrastructure serve a solid client base of US government agencies and Allies around the World.  

About Eutelsat America Corp.

Eutelsat America Corp. is a US-based company established to serve the needs of the Government market, offering a wide range of satellite solutions to support government services.

Whether operations are land-based, maritime, field, or air, demand for satellite services is generally driven by three key needs: interconnection of sites which are dispersed or located some distance from high-speed terrestrial routes; guaranteed immediate availability of capacity; and, most importantly, security, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Government missions today need reliable, global communications that can be rapidly deployed, worldwide. With extensive coverage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Eutelsat America Corp. plays a vital role in the direct interconnection of services between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.